I am so sick of the lamestream libtard media elites getting their facts wrong. THAT'S NOT OSCAR.


I've recently discovered the Easy Tempo series of albums and they're now my current favorite work background music.

I dont understand why the new Perry Mason has a hornsy noir theme song when there was a perfectly good Ozzy song they could've used.

The party made many amazing rolls to navigate the waters while dodging ships full of skeletons, trebuchet-ed goblins, and a T-Rex someone let out of the coliseum pens. All in all, a good game.

Ok, folk - I'm putting the party in a 1/4 size Roman naval ship in a flooded coliseum. There are other miniature Roman vessels they need to get past. Besides, goblins, what can I put in those other boats to annoy/harry/assault the party as they try to cross the coliseum?

I just heard a YouTuber say, "My syrup group" and I was like, wait what?

Turns out he said, "zeerup group", as in ZRP - Zoom Role-Playing and fuck I hate that pronunciation so much. Hate.

The best way to ensure that your song will still be relevant in a few years is to shout out "Yo!" and then the year you recorded.

Give Yourself a Hand is not a great album. Brad Roberts tried to make the leap from white alternative to hip hop and unsurprisingly failed. But "Keep a Lid on Things" neatly straddles the line between So-Weird-It's-Good and So-Dumb-It's-Bad.

Today I got to introduce a casual Crash Test Dummies fan to "Keep a Lid on Things". It's always a surprise to people who know their earlier work because it's such a departure. It's also confusing - is it bad? Is it good? Do I like this? Are these lyrics genius or absolutely terrible?

Fun tip - when laying out something you've written, do your design work with your body text 2 points smaller than you plan on. When you're done, increase the size to normal. Fixing what breaks forces you to edit verbosity without mercy and will improve your readability.

I'm not 100% on the name tho', but it plays fun.

So it comes as no surprise that I spent more time researching inspiration from early issues of Highlights for Children and illustrators like Bernice Myers when making the cover than I did actually writing the rules.

If you know my previous work, you know mid-century modern is my wheelhouse, particularly 50s to early-60s textbooks and ephemera.

To that - I've cobbled together a new dungeon crawler - because I love dungeon crawlers - that's 2d10 based and playable with (almost) zero prep (the GM makes the dungeon while players make characters).

GENERALA is a great pick-up game, but it leans too heavily on miniatures for digital gaming. And my group is burned out on DYNAMO and Never Going Home, our two other fallbacks.

Cards Against Humanity is a game I've detested for a while now. I've never played an instance of it where other players didn't use it as a justification for saying racist, homophobic, or outright disgusting trash. It's not a game about transgressive humor, it's a permission flag to make a joke out of bad behavior. Learning that the owners/creators behind it are hateful racist trash people comes as no surprise and only solidifies my hate for the game.

'tis a magic place, where the moon doth rise with a dragon's face

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