And one more release today: I've just put out the playtest rules for the romantic fantasy setting I released back in 2020.

Fresh off the editor's desk, the free text-only version of Moonlight on Roseville Beach is ready for Memorial Day weekend shenanigans! Now with magic rules and a sample mystery.

Noora Rose of Monkey's Paw in Canada is hosting an OSR jam on Itch in June.

Thanks to @kennon and @jeff_schmidt! I had a long conversation with a good friend and decided to ditch point/token nomenclature (for now) and go with just calling the pool of points "Wyrd" as in "you have 5 Wyrd." We'll see how it works.

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I'm trying to name a Bennie point/token for a game in the paranormal romance/romantic fantasy genre. I want to avoid Fate, Fortune, Hero/ic, or Resolve. The current playtest doc has "Heart Points," but I don't love that. Very open to suggestions.

In case you missed the Kickstarter, Bones Deep Hardcover Pre-Orders are open!

Bones Deep is a tabletop RPG of skeletons exploring the ocean floor.

Built for Troika, usable anywhere.

Grab it here:

Hey all! I'm Richard. By day, I work as an instructional designer for colleges and universities and by night (or really, whenever) I work on game and setting design.

I'm generally focused on games that are adjacent to the NSR or FKR, but it's hard to overstate the influence of Psi*Run, AW, World of Dungeons, and Lady Blackbird on how I think.

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