Unboxing "Far Away" from Cherry Picked Games: really nice quality of the components, but also, I love the little grace notes in the text

This is something I found quite a while back that I found useful; just ran across it again and thought it might be worth sharing.

"Case Law"

lower case
Title Case

Was in a place today that had a day/date display that used two 6-sided cubes for displaying the date.
And that got me thinking about what kinds of things you could do with them if you had a couple of dice like that.
Assuming the faces are: 0,1,2,3,4,5 on one, and
0,1,2,6,7,8 on the other (and 6 also serves as 9), or some such mix.
You could have an odd distribution of results (0-13, and a flat distribution from 2-11), or an irregular mix of 2 digit numbers.

@Mark_Krawec @bradjmurray @nickwedig @rthorm It doesn't at all help that the platform doesn't automatically tie conversations together, and actually fragments them. For instance, to make this response I hit reply to Mark, then had to manually add Nick and Brad (and still almost missed Rodger). If any of you reply to me, the others won't see it. Mechanically, it pushes dialogs apart rather helping them come together, and it takes deliberate effort to compensate for that. And I so hate effort.

@rthorm The year is 1974 the place is the moon. A mixed crew of Russian and American geologists set off from the Hammarskjöld base to explore the Aitkin Basin near the south pole where an anomalous crater was discovered back in '62.

Alien ship WIP preview. I'll have a better version of this posted on my blog this weekend.


Alien ship deck plan. This is for an adventure one-shot thing that @Thor is working on.

@kensanata was talking about Chainmail and replacing d6 rolls with 1 damage and (I assume) using kind of a "wounds" approach to hit points. I'm a fan. I look at HD in old school games as an average of 4.5 hp (d8) and just make circles in my prep notes for each HD. Call it 5 hp. So a creature with 38 hp would be "OOOOOOOO". Here's a page from my journal from Sunday's game of 5e. I'll follow it with a description of how I play it out.

I like the direction of thought from this thread; I think some implicit ideas I'm trying to get at with are expressed in this.

The rules are for dealing with external larger forces (buyers sellers, tax and inspection officials, even your crew) which you can try to influence, but which you don't _control_

The role-playing elements arise out of the individual's approach to deal with the particular issues at hand.


update 2/2

Between this section and the Weather section, there's a very rough system in place that would let you work out ship travels and trade in ports. It is by no means a complete or working system, but it has come along better than I expected.

If anyone is willing to do some playtesting to see how it works; see what seems unclear; and provide some feedback on this very rough initial set, I'd be very interested in your input.

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​The section on Trade was eluding me for a while, but I have something of an initial pass at it now.


Along with it, I started to put together some thoughts about the trade system, but also somewhat applicable to the wider game idea behind this; these are appended as Notes at the end of the Trade Commodities & Goods document.


12. Have you ever participated in a game jam or design contest? Why or why not?

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Quick question: When you have an RPG with examples of play, do you like it better if they are formatted as a description of what happened or more like a script?

The may be showing signs of fatigue, but this majestic yet terrifying beast will continue to hunt the area for at least four more days!

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