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Most recent blog post, with some dungeon geomorphs

Propogating this for those of you looking for programming/IT work, esp in upstate NY. Via a friend on another instance:

... been asked to share this URL with our positions, so here:​

Listening to an episode of RPG Panelcast yesterday and learned about honobono games, and now I'm very intrigued.

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The print version of the Planetary Display Logbook is good to go. We’ve approved printing, so you can check it out and order from at DriveThruRPG. Next step will be testing one of these with different media to see how it bleeds through.

Local game folk: I'm proofing a DriveThruRPG project, so I'm going to be placing a print order from them.

If you want to order stuff from them and add on to share on shipping, let me know today (at least to know you want in)

Today’s project was working on putting together the print version of the Planetary Display Log Book. As soon as we’ve got an approved print, it will be available from OBS. This will be an inexpensive version, since it’s a blank book to be used for mapping a single planet…

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Bike shop had just pulled this bike out of storage. Check out the badge, lugs, and logos!

Also, it’s called the “PATHFINDER” so it’s clearly the bike for gaming nerds.

First time I've heard Moria pronounced "Mariah"

We're excited for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

We have a Planetary Display-MOON map (

Working on an alternate history 70s space program game and setting.

And listening to every episode of the great BBC podcast

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I'm told it's not as easy to free a hiding character as you first think.

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"Meet me in the middle," the unjust man says.

You step forward, he steps back.

"Meet me in the middle," the unjust man says...

Previews at DriveThruRPG for the Planetary Display-MOON ( are fixed now.

The Quick Preview will show you the whole thing.

Deco Dungeon (color)
Quick hand drawn map, scanned and colorized

Yes, it's birdsite. Sorry, that's just where I found it.

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