Also interested in the trade-offs between extra cargo or extra supplies, especially for the more exploratory voyages.

As far as the tone, I'm looking for this to have operating engagement and meaningful decision making, without turning it into Spreadsheet RPG.

It's also occurred to me that information is another kind of value measure that would be good to find a way to factor in. What was the other thing I saw recently that might be a mechanic for dealing with that...?


Another idea is multiple measures of resources and wealth. Like the quality of the ship itself is one; the treasure on hand (still abstracted, though) is another; the ship's resources (materials, tools, spares, etc.) is another. There can be some exchange between some of them, but the different measures require different inputs in order to improve them.

So you can be treasure-poor, but have a well maintained ship and desirable goods and make good trades and you're doing well


Haven't read through it in detail, but appears there's less content about ships/ship operations in 7th Sea than I'm looking for in a

Since I'm traveling today, I'm getting some notes and ideas jotted down. I'll pull it together more, later.

One thing I want is a wider range of options for loading your ship; more than just cargo slots A and B. A bit more foreground for that activity.

Another thought about the crew that let's them be abstract, but with some characteristics 1/3

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I really want someday to GM Caverns of Thracia. As a trans woman game designer illustrator, Jennell Jaquays is the only « great master » or mentor legacy figure who share my craft and identity that I can claim and relate to. She is kind of my Moebius. It would be very meaningful for me to be able to experience her foundational work. Being uprooted and connections with my family, it would feel extra special for me.

10 best RPGs that I have played 


Rusalka is here:

It's a tragic fairy tale game about self-discovery and wishes gone wrong

Nameless Horror is here:

I've been hearing from a local friend about some things that 7th Sea does that tick many of the boxes for things I'm thinking about for

Even better, it seems that it keeps things fairly abstracted, and uses a lot of it as setup framework for other adventures.

I think if I'd been more familiar with it, I might have found it suitable, but now that I'm started on my own set of rules, I will keep going on that (and see if I can look at 7th Sea for some more inspiration)

I've been printing out some copies of Mercator, the free Classic Traveller Ancient Rome setting. Couldn't find a cover that worked , so I used Affinity to design my own.

Woo! Go @momatoes!
RT @DianaJonesAward
We’re pleased to announce our 2022 Emerging Designer Program Winner is @momatoes! momatoes—also known in real life as Bianca Canoza—wrote, designed, illustrated, and laid out ARC: Doom, hailed as one of the best indie tabletop RPGs in 2021.

I do miss the opt-in to discussion that G+ allowed, instead of having to tag a bunch of people in. I'm not going to keep everyone tagged in the seafaring (ship-crawl) discussion. I will try to copy over the relevant things from here into the itch comment section.

Shipping - frequency of incidents (2/2)

- in charted but not settled areas:
about 30-40% per week, with both minor and more serious events equally
- in unexplored waters:
about 50-75% per week, with wide range of severity

- for special circumstances, GM may develop alternative charts as appropriate to their campaign

Note: this is just to determine if the table needs to be checked. Weather -checked next- will also sometimes trigger an event.

A little more ship-crawl rules development; comments welcome

Shipping - frequency of incidents (1/2)
depends on known, charted, or unexplored waters

- In known waters, Capt or Nav may call a table result before rolling the encounter. As long as result is close, the called result occurs
about 20-25% per week, but most will be minor
- In charted waters/near settled areas:
about 20-25% per week, but most will be minor
But, higher level of ship encounters

And here is the dungeon map once updated with this first submission!


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Ship Combat

"These rules do not pretend to cover ship-to-ship combat. For an encounter leading to combat, another system will need to be used to resolve those events.

Or, each side rolls d10, and then, for each ship then roll that number of crisis/catastrophe events. If that doesn't seem to indicate who the winner is, do it again."

@wlonk @murphmonkey @Thor @linnaeus @anmwinter @majcher @cyancqueak @rafial

Okay, everyone


Real rough outline, for the moment just a text file, to start framing the things I think would be interesting and start to work up a set of rules and steps for ship adventure.

Discuss here or in comments on itch.

Please let me know if you prefer not to be on this thread, too. I don't want to be a bother

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@wlonk @murphmonkey @Thor @linnaeus @anmwinter @majcher @cyancqueak @rafial

What's the best place/method for sharing and discussing an alpha draft on sea crawling?

I'm thinking about putting it on, and then discuss it here or there. But I'm open to better suggestions.

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