Okay, so, some useful things to know about this instance:

After previously losing an instance due to the pain of maintaining it I now just pay for someone else to keep the software running and updated. I pay for it from my RPG profits as a service to the community (and would keep paying if somehow my profits stopped coming in). So unless the hosting company folds this should be a stable long-term home.

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I don't personally post much since that's where I'm at with social media, but I do find Mastodon to be a much better type of social media for me.

Even if I'm not posting I get all admin emails (as does @blinks) and keep up with the moderation queue. So enjoy!

@sage I wasn't aware that anyone was doing "Mastodon as a service". That's cool! Who is the hosting company?

@sage Admittedly early on in all this, but really glad I was able to find a good tabletop oriented fit to continue socializing with other minis painters.

Depending on how big the instance gets, would there be any option for users to help contribute to hosting costs if they so desired?

@sage Ah, that's what happened to my old account! Sorry to hear about it, glad this is back.

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A Mastodon server for RPG folks to hang out and talk. Not owned by a billionaire.