One of the new folks here called it "The Muskodus" and yeah, sure.

We've now reached the point where when I approved a batch of new accounts there's ofter more to approve when the page reloads…

I suspect we may hit scaling issues sometime soon and I will throw money at the problem, but I want to see how far we can scale on the current budget first. It's definitely slowed a bit, but not bad for me so far.

lol okay that took a solid 1+ seconds to post, may be time to look at paying up some more

@sage just think, all it took to boost things was a mere $43bn 😉

@sage hey let us know if we can throw money your way to help out

@sage do you have/have you considered anything set up for donations to keep the server running? The other instance I'm on is a small, local one, and a number of us contribute (regularly or irregularly) to keep that community afloat. A public radio model, if you like.

If everyone contributes a few bucks to it periodically, that could help keep it going even if the numbers and load tick upward.

@sage Thin-skinned billionaire found the marble in the Twitter! Mastodon gets to drink from the fire hose!

@sage I have seen the instigating incident referred to as "Elongate", and I think that works pretty well, although some might claim it's a stretch.

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