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Caitlin, lvl 3 butt

Either great or awful RPG campaign.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure style adventure using Fellowship.
Your characters are either images from MetGala, or any musician that dresses like a final boss.

talk time
Well, every single game I signed up for filled up.
So... yea, so If you wants gameing, I'm setting up elsewhere

Hello, I'm looking at events for
What's an event you're excited about and or want people to go to?
I have two to suggest for me.

Anyway magpie it would be super nice to know what GM sessions I'm on so I can plan

Was listening to Shut Up and Sit Down, hearing Leigh Alexander talk about making a collaborative Tarot card game.
Are there other Tarot games or Tarot RPGs that have a focus on reading the cards, as opposed to using them as pretty playing cards?

:mastodon: needs more scholars, PhD students, and people who like books.

Somebody start handing out flyers in the libraries of the world!

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Hey, a friend is starting a Kickstarter in a bit to promote his new RPG, Gears of Defiance.

From FB:

Loremaster Games is putting out an Open Call for designers interested in designing stretch goal settings for the upcoming RPG Gears of Defiance. If interested, please e-mail me a short pitch at with the subject "Gears of Defiance Pitch."

Pitch guidelines are in the link
They're looking for different takes on a steampunk core it sounds like.

Daylight Saving Time isn’t worth it, European Parliament members say


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The first chance I get to play a crunchy RPG again, I'm basically playing Mamika from Re:Creators

Has anyone read the Flash (AH-aaa) Gordon Savage Worlds corebook? Does it actually do something to stop the yellow menace crap?

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So I didn't even think this was possible, but I managed to roll a cocked d4 yesterday...