While I’m writing baby dragon Kickstarter updates today, the back of my mind is churning out a very bloody dungeon crawl for Breakout.

I’ll probably start writing the adventure this weekend, and godsdamn I am excited about the concept. It’s gonna be an unholy marriage of my story game and OSR interests (cackles).

Did a little writing on baby dragons earlier, next is making some mockups & writing marketing copy, later is... research (exploitation movies while knitting) or research (reading about pirate queens. May not technically be game research.)

More edits on baby dragon stuff today. Editing is hard work, yo.

Listening to a stranger run a game I wrote. Does this ever get not weird?

I’m currently reorganizing my office to focus on what I actually do in it - game design, writing, marketing, graphic design, & illustration.

This means I’m trying a smaller desk - my bigger one mainly just held stuff, & wasn’t actually being used. Toys are being relegated to shelves instead of desk space, hobbies are being contained, & I have room for a badly needed additional bookshelf.

If you're in Chicago in January & wanna see some cool art, play D&D5e, and benefit a good cause, check out leveleater.com/

I'll be one of 8 DMs, plus Will Hindmarch, Keith Baker, James D'Amato, & more will be there. And if you've never played D&D before, I love running for new players.

Joiiiiiiin ussssssss! dice.camp/media/0lIZiqgEkr6Kkj

Aaah so Avery Alder, author of Monsterhearts and Dream Askew (among other games) is offering mentor ships to RPG designers, this is so cool!!

(I’m repeating this so that folks on mastodon get the message, sorry) twitter.com/dreamaskew/status/

Me: Ugh no game design brain I do not need a labyrinth/Minotaur game idea no

GDB: but you could also do it this way! Or do both! 2 labyrinth/Minotaur game ideas! You’re welcome.

Me: ...damn it.

Hey! I'm Sarah, a game designer in Chicago, IL. Nice to meet everyone.

I'm a co-author of Bluebeard's Bride (feminine horror rpg), designer of Velvet Glove, (teen girl gangs in the 70s), and the Marketing Director for Magpie Games.

I'm not currently doing any freelance, and I have a very, very loud cat.


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