My hack is available in print and pdf and I'm super excited about it! It's my first published thing.

Glow in the Dark's a game about post-apocalyptic tribes and settlements vying for scarce resources in a strange and altered wasteland. Check it out - and if you end up running it, I'd love to hear how it works for you!

I had a great time at PAX Unplugged, kind of despite the con itself. I'm rambling about it on G+ (since the rambles are long). All the delicious eats we had in Philly! No pic of the friend chicken because I ate it too fast!

Heading out to tonight. Excited to see folks, sad the trip is going to be a short one (Friday - Sunday). Not really sure what to expect from the con itself. 😍 😞 🤓

First game I played was one I crashed in our middle school library. I got to play the disembodied voice of a gnome tied up in a sack. Loved it.

First RPG book I purchased was Legends & Lore because the gods had super sweet stats and I had no idea what was needed to actually play.

First game I ran I not 100% sure about, but I think it was the Temple of Elemental Evil. It was certainly one of the early ones.

Hello all, just hopped on to Mastadon. Greetings!

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