@Pawper thanks Phillip. I forgot what it's like to START on a social media platform. So peacefully quiet.

@seannittner need a game where you have a character yelling Toots away while riding a mastodon... or maybe is a were-mastodon?

@flyingfox369 Ride check. I mean Ride check. I see mastodon also doesn't have an edit function! Hah!

@rivetgeek lols. Please, please no. I've got plenty of busy already :)

@rafial If you have to ask Wilhelm, it's probably you ;)

@presgas @Judd But on a happier note, I am glad to connect with folks here and I'm trying to be less commercial in my approach (nearly everything I put on twitter is promotional material) to using the platform.

@presgas @seannittner @Judd There is nithing stopping The Hat from setting up an instance or an account for promotion... ;)

Welcome to the neighborhood! We are happy to see you here. Any more of the Actual Play crew exploring these parts?

@presgas @Judd possibly. I was just pitching it last night on stream!

I'm quite behind on the stream(s) with a new job started. It'll be good to catch up.
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