The other day I made a blog post, another spin on the concept of "races" in D&D. Instead of having like fantasy biology, "races" are supernatural transformations that you might undergo. For instance, you become an elf by spending too much time in the land of faerie:

there are just too many things I'm supposed to keep track of to participate in indie ttrpgs

From "a traveler's guide to the echelon forest" by David Lombardo

Hey, RPG & mystery heads (as well as M of Ragged Feathers completionists):

The KS campaign for Brindlewood Bay is winding down so if you think an RPG that's like "Murder She Wrote" meets Lovecraft sounds fun, make sure to get a pledge in.

I'm writing a little mystery for it featuring race horses, a witch, and /murder!/

Mystery-solving grannies! Cozy crimes and a weird occult story hidden in the background!

I was going to make some stuff for

I did end up making stuff for Cairn, but not the things I intended to make, because I realized I needed to get some stat blocks down first and then I got distracted:

You can get some physical copies of my artisan game jam zine here

This one is much more of a zine than a game, it's kind of setting information you could use in some kind of modern fantasy game, or it could be used as an in game artifact, but it definitely is stretching the definition of what a game is

but I think it's cool

and you can get a slightly flawed copy for $2 which covers basically shipping

I'm still learning how to make these and have no idea how to price them or anything

I think this will end up having a ton of world building stuff that will take a long time to do. Maybe I'll put up a new section on my website, two large world building projects is fine right?

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But I have a whole bunch of other stuff more in the realm that's a work in progress first.

I've actually had this idea for like a year now and it's only gotten better over time though so I think some time to let the ideas percolate will be good.

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I have an ambitious plan for a bike themed solar punk near future ttrpg based on my real knowledge of bike environmental activism culture

I have not written anything PbtA before but it will probably be PbtA or FitD or along those lines

You will be able to damage your bike but you yourself will not get hurt because that's getting a little too close to life. It will very much be on the power fantasy side of things

I enjoy work but do not enjoy "having a job" and I'm trying to figure out what the difference is. Is it just capitalism? Can I make a living and not hate it? Will I start to hate ttrpg stuff if I start having to do it to pay the rent (not that I see a realistic path to paying the rent)

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One thing about doing ttrpg stuff in my spare time is that it has occurred to me that I'm basically never not working (I've also been doing a lot of activism stuff so that's like most of my free time)

Right now I find ttrpg stuff energizing and refreshing but will that stay the case forever?

Is it energizing simply because I get to choose how I spend my time?

affinity's got everything on a 50% off sale right now!!! that includes publisher, for those of you trying to escape the clutches of adobe

- you can also be assumed to be knowledgeable about them, have advantage on other related checks
- maybe give yourself a cool title
- maybe have to generally decrease HP a bit with this system
- unarmed starts with 1 damage, no dice

Have not playtested it at all yet

I have another idea where you can learn stunts by describing a specific thing you will do, and you have disadvantage until the first time you succeed. If you ever roll a 1 you have advantage while trying the thing from then on

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Replace the weapon system with this:
- weapons start with d4 damage
- whenever you deal max damage to a particular type of enemy, write down the enemy type and put a star next to it

- you can bump the damage dice the number of stars you have
- limit is one higher than the damage die in the book
- when you have 3 stars you can bump the damage die with related enemies once

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Crossposting from Twitter

I've been thinking about game systems where you get better at things and acquire abilities like you would in a class based game by successfully doing the thing.

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