Played on 2017-11-14 with 5 players, winning score: 44 -- didn't quite finish, so scores aren't totally accurate, but @srabbelier had it for sure.

Legacy board games!

Sage and I have been playing Seafall, and we wanted to talk about it so much we swapped our ep. 29 topic for it.

I'm Sverre Rabbelier, I'm a Dutch coder, I play board&video games, and I listen to Audiobooks while commuting.

I care about social & economic justice, and criminal justice reform.

Mastodon lets you filter by regexp, although a block list where you can enter terms you're not interested in might be more user friendly 😅

@blinks I like the idea of including your pronouns in your display name. Would be great if Mastodon had native support for that, so that it doesn't count against your display name length.

Here is another instance with #under1000 users that I ran into : for tabletop gamers

admin: @olde_fortran

remember to share small instances! lets continue to decentralize.

Trying to download the stormbringer audiobook, but is having technical difficulties :-(. Hopefully not related to the actual storm here in the area 😅

I'm Mike, I like pets and games and inclusive, intersectional feminism. I don't make games, but I play a lot and I am sometimes lucky enough to help other, cooler people play-test things they've made.

I work in technology. I'm sorry, I'm trying to fix it.

A Mastodon instance for tabletop gamers.