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one of the things

*johnny rzeznik voice*
🎶masto’s sad tonight🎶

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You know informed consent to be governed can’t really given if the public doesn’t know what their other options are...

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u were so preoccupied browsing wikihow u never stopped to think if u should browse wikishould

If you're into (mainly tabletop games), then check out the community game share that we're starting up. Get a peek at works in progress, and share your own for feedback!

tired: proof of work
wired: proof of idleness

For Some Parents, Israel Usage Is a Concern

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tired: ˈsɪs.hɛt
wired: ˈtʃi.ʃɛt

So I have to come up with $600 by the end of the month and about $400 the week after that, and I could use your help. Please contribute or boost. ❤️

oops i read a thread on birdsite & now i'm sad online

Results! :)
RT Those of you whose genders are the same as the one they were assigned at birth, how do you feel about the term "cisgender"?

RTs very welcome, because I reckon most of my followers are probably trans!

Police are the business end of a protection racket.

The tiny keyboards on some pay phones, boost if you agree

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