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mediocrity estate

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i'm sam, i used to live in new york city but then my wife got into gradschool so now we live in austin, texas
i've got a puppy who is bad but endearing and a job doing computers that is fine but irritating
i love but basically never play table-top rpgs
i also like (increasingly weird) music and being Mad Online about politics and computers
i don't really like videogames or anime and i'm not queer or a furry so you probably shouldn't follow me
also @swizzard

stupid outdoor-mall havin ass state

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reminder that PHP still fails completely to load a file if it starts with a BOM, even if the BOM is correct for the file

i'm a little bummed i never got a radiohead grinning bear face tattoo while they were still good

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i just wanna make eggs and toast and meet guy fieri, y'all

is there like a "business basics for total morons who aren't good at anything they've ever tried to do" course online for cheapish online? my dream is to open a diner but i also don't want to burn through all my money immediately

a cw show where the kids' plots are adapted from menzingers' songs and the parents' plots are adapted from gaslight anthem songs

if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴​
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴
if you're sleepy and you know it, i bet you already show it
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴

yo, looking for a software job? have 3-5 years of web dev experience? my team at github is very nice and we're hiring~

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