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i'm sam, i used to live in new york city but then my wife got into gradschool so now we live in austin, texas
i've got a puppy who is bad but endearing and a job doing computers that is fine but irritating
i love but basically never play table-top rpgs
i also like (increasingly weird) music and being Mad Online about politics and computers
i don't really like videogames or anime and i'm not queer or a furry so you probably shouldn't follow me
also @swizzard

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i'm back in my bullshit*

*twitter (i'm obviously also @swizzard there)

New Yorkers! Are you registered to vote where you live? June 1 is the deadline to be able to vote in the primaries.


Also, in terms of anti-harassment and personal protection type improvements, maybe implement instance only messages?

Give some middle ground between being on a completely private instance that doesn't talk to everyone and having to let everyone in and not having any meaningful privacy.

That would be nice to have and would make being on one instance instead of another much more meaningful. You know, the whole 'fostering your own community' thing that mastodon is supposed to help with.

Ya'll are weirdos.

Also, expect trending hashtags to get gamed and ruined by malicious people.

Twitter has to curate theirs because of this...

i literally don't know anyone irl who's ever had a "character" original or otherwise and honestly i Don't Get It

(this is an observation, not a petition for explanation)

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"similar to frightened rabbit: the national"

go fuck yourself, spotify

summer is hot and sticky and gross and i dont like it

"Software is eating the world" is maybe better phrased as "The Spectacle is eating the End of History".

Introducing my new programming language, [extremely generic English word coinciding with an existing concept in an unrelated field such that it becomes impossible for search engines to yield meaningful results]

I've been pretty unwell and inactive for a few months, but I'm excited to get these little betta fish ready soon, hopefully in the next week if I can

#enamelpins #mastoart #creativetoots

me: i'm upgrading ubuntu! 18.04, bionic beaver
my wife: 🙅‍♀️

Just got reminded by @garrett that today is the 28th anniversary of the Garfield Dog Spunk comic

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