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i'm back in my bullshit*

*twitter (i'm obviously also @swizzard there)

@fillertrack less weird than seeing someone with a darth maul tattoo anywhere else tho

New Yorkers! Are you registered to vote where you live? June 1 is the deadline to be able to vote in the primaries.


@inmysocks some kind of @\here or @\instance or whatever thing would be hecking fantastic

Also, in terms of anti-harassment and personal protection type improvements, maybe implement instance only messages?

Give some middle ground between being on a completely private instance that doesn't talk to everyone and having to let everyone in and not having any meaningful privacy.

That would be nice to have and would make being on one instance instead of another much more meaningful. You know, the whole 'fostering your own community' thing that mastodon is supposed to help with.

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@miql there's some potentially-irksome paternalism stuff going on with the compiler and everything but that also might be actually just a reasonable, principled refusal to give users enough rope

Ya'll are weirdos.

Also, expect trending hashtags to get gamed and ruined by malicious people.

Twitter has to curate theirs because of this...

@miql i've looked into it a few times

it's pretty friggin neat??

i'm extremely not a front-end person so i don't really have much to *do* with it but if someone came to me and was like "i'm starting a new project, what should i write my front-end in??" i would say elm 99% of the time

@sanspoint me neither and it's one of the many things around here that makes me feel 10000 years old

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