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the problem is that it's gonna be extremely dependent on like data structures and clever algos and shit that's way beyond me, an idiot who also never studied any actual cs

1) finish jukebot
2) actually do n-gram db
2a) maybe actually just do it in rust??

bleh i need to resume working on my n-gram db thing

Writing long, overly complex, & logically flawed apologia of bad mainstream ideas in order to recast them as revolutionary is a growth industry. (See the 'intellectual dark web', whose major unifying trait is boringly normie positions.) Why not reach for a surreal or absurd take?

you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become david brooks

take, i'm mad online a little Show more

take, i'm mad online a little Show more

I wanna test a theory. Help me out? :)

Three questions:

It's about language and #Mastodon branding.

i also got my pixljs in the mail today so that's a fun hopefully low-stress thing i can play with tonight

update: NOT the hard drive, just a fan!

...which they don't have in stock, nor could they find online except from some chinese ebay seller

they kept the model number and are gonna keep looking

at least it's gonna be over 100 degrees here for the next 5 months

got permission to dip out early to take my laptop in for service

the bad news is it's definitely the hard drive
the good news is it should only take a day to fix

After three years of watching donald trump fail his way to the top it's just weird whenever someone else doesn't

something in my laptop that is probably my hard drive is making A LOT of noise
i ran the disks checker and it didn't find any problems
i'm gonna go buy a big usb drive to back everything up on tonight but i'm wondering if there's anything else i can do that doesn't involve shipping it back to system76 for service
could i take it to a repair place?

fuck i gotta go to bed but the mets are somehow leading this game vs atlanta & i basically can't believe it

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