2. Due to some multiverse shenanigans, the real you and one of your RPG characters switch places. Which character, and how would that go for each of you?

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1. Describe yourself with a word that’s actually a backronym made up of TTRPGs you’ve played or games you want to play. Like:

I’m a CoMMaNDo
Cold City
Mouse Guard
Marvel Heroic RPG
Night’s Black Agents
Dogs in the Vineyard


I want to be S.T.A.T.I.C.
Apocalypse World
Cortex Prime

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hello, i don't like it when websites do a march madness-style bracket of, like, movies or whatever because they always rig the bracket so that the "regionals" are four distinct categories (e.g. Horror bracket! Romance Bracket! Sports movie Bracket!) , thus making matchups real boring. randomly assign those matchups!!!

hello i thought the d&d trailer looked real fun and chris pine looked great thank u

We have moved into our new location! Boxes boxes driving boxes no rent ever again (hopefully)

love to see houses advertised as "excellent producers" like pens for livestock

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48 hours to go on this! It's a beautiful project in every sense of the world and you should really check out the stretch goals that have been met


What are some criteria by which one might judge a design? Not necessarily ones you in particular care about, but ones by which a fan of TTRPGs might in good faith care about?

Fidelity to Source Material


Replayability (some games like Unknown Armies are great but really only rule the first time IME)

Resilience (by which i mean: if you forget some of the rules, does the game still work)

Clarity of vision


Beauty of physical material/art


"It's useful to know what you like in games, and to play games that way"

"Playing a game as close to the written rules as possible can help you achieve the experience that the creators were designing for"

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Here's another:

"Games are more exciting when the players don't know what's going to happen!"

"Sometimes surprising people at the table can cause emotional distress"

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So what are some dialectics of RPGs? I am using the word in the DBT sense; two somewhat opposing ideas that both have truth to them.

Classic indie games example:

"The player has control over their character"

"The GM has control over the story"

these can both be true to some extent, yeah? even though there's a contradiction at the center.

"The reader is the space on which all the quotations that make up a writing are inscribed without any of them being lost; a text's unity lies not in its origin but in its destination."

Roland Barthes, posting in some Forge thread about SIS

i heard "faceshopping" out of the blue yesterday and it brought me to tears, and it came crashing in that i haven't had the requisite amount of emotional stability for any real length of time in order to actually grieve any of the incalculable losses of the past ~6 years. i suspect i'm not alone.

rest, SOPHIE. in piece, power, however you like.

oh whoops i just dropped this link where you can get access to some sick art and assets to use in your design or just give us some steady income if you like patreon.com/avenmcconnaughey

all right we're gonna put down as the name for my stardew/rune factory/etc-style town supplement unless anything better comes along. for each npc i think i'm including:
- name, pronouns, age
- basic overview
- some bonus details ("tips for playing" kind of deal)
- appearance details (probably portraits too!)
- where in the town they live
- likes & dislikes, in proper farmsin fashion
- a couple relationships w other townspeople

is there anything else that would be useful do you think?

One piece of etiquette to keep in mind - be mindful of who you're tagging in replies!

@tabletophotdish The Forge laid the ground for ttrpg commerce today. We were the first scene to sell our games direct when paypal was new, the first scene to sell our games as pdfs when pdfs were new, and the first scene to produce our games print on demand when pod was new.

The problems we tackled, everybody still tackles today. Our good ideas are conventional wisdom now, which is fine and good...

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