Poe - going to put in some more Troupe work today. We've been stuck on rewriting initiative. Goals are:
1. Favors larger team
2. Chaotic
3. Easy Calculation
4. Used six sided dice only.

Removing counterattacks based on weapon from our new game like "no waith we can't nooooo"

Cover sketch for my wip game Concord Township. Needs a cleanup pass, but it’s looking good!

Working on Troupe again, did a big core rules update. Hoping to turn around and make Troupe something we can post stuff for regularly, especially stuff that works with other games! Setting generation, cool Bestiaries, etc.

And we have accessories!

The RX-93-v2 is definitely beefier than the RX-93 v.

But I’m sure there’s more beef somewhere…

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Hunt for the Leviathan, from Lo Scrigno d'Avorio
Color version

Curiosity: when I colorized this, I dressed the sorceress in red because of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Started a new art on stream yesterday, the Potion Pub, study of buildings and also an art for tabletop rpg project City Noire. =)

A trap I fell into when I started designing 's: chasing uniqueness.

I was so impressed by all the new things I saw in other people's games, that I felt I needed to do something brand new so other folks would be impressed by MY game.

The more I learned, though, the more I realized how many of the things I thought were novel were just clever combinations of old parts. Everything is a remix.

Instead of aiming for the new and unique, trust that it will come from being true to your vision.

Did a little tarot card today for a larget project. This one - the Devil!

Going to be streaming some layout and design work around 7pm PDT tonight!


Been digging doing graphic design/layout + writing on our new track ball mouse. It's just *very* *very* comfy.

Working out some sort of "hidden/haunted/something?!?!" Cabin location. Just a generic one. Here's a page of graphics work.

Cities so rotten that the dead and the damned have overtaken the living.

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