Announcement time!

I'm now open for commissions! Fiction, RPG, or even professional GMing services. If you need a last-minute holiday gift, this is a great choice.

Details here:

My real start in gaming was D&D 3.0. I owned most every single 3rd Ed source book at one point. I knew the rules cold, too. Probably to the detriment of our group.

Iron Edda, revised using a DFA lens

Karthun GM's Guide content

Valkyries, a card-based Fate game inspired by Borderlands 2

Dark Streets of Dagger's Reach, a Karthun based Blades in the Dark hack

The phone interview last night went very well. Additionally, I found out some more details about another offer, one which would also see me working in a tabletop-related position.

It's a very good and strange feeling for me to know this is happening because of work I did and effort I put in. Jobs aren't usually like that for me.

Getting prepped for both a phone interview with the biggest RPG company in the industry tonight, and for a Star Trek Adventures session after.

Life is good and weird.

I'm Tracy! I'm half of Exploding Rogue, have written and published a few over half a dozen games, and am doing work for Encoded Designs and Evil Hat.

Games: School Daze, One Shot, Iron Edda, DD&D, It Came to Town That Night, Karthun (co-written).

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