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Who am I, and how can you find my work?

TikTok: boywithboo_beez

Instagram: beaujagr


Donations & Discord Access:

Games (+IndiePressRevolution as Beau Jàgr Sheldon & DriveThruRPG as DaedalumAP):


Twitter (DM/Tags Only): ThoughtyGames

Resin & Dice: (Jay's Patreon is

Games+ @johnwsheldon

Thomas Novosel:

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2/2 It's courtesy to message the designer to let them know. That way, they can know where their work is used, AND they can promote your work as using it.

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TTRPG safety designers are designers. If you use, quote, reference, or are inspired by their work for yours, credit them by name & link to their work, especially if their license requires it like Script Change. This applies whether other designers require it or not, you include full text or just the name of the tool, you rewrite or paraphrase it, or you use one part of it or more. 1/2

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I will try to always use content warnings where appropriate, and captions/alt text as well.

Things I may post:
-Other Art (drawings, sculptures, miniatures/dioramas, resin work, dice)
-Game & safety design
-Personal life stuff
-Disability, queer, trans, & neurodivergent advocacy & experiences
-Media opinions & enthusiasm, as well as content warning reports from media

Less common:
- Kink & sexual health advocacy & enthusiasm
- Lewds, typically mild
- Links to videos

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Try to be brief!

I'm Beau Jàgr Sheldon, creator of the Script Change RPG Toolbox, Turn, The Man and The Stag, + indie & other works at, IndiePressRevolution, & DriveThruRPG. DaedalumAP is with @johnwsheldon , my spouse & design partner. Assembludo is with my partner Thomas Novosel, & make dice & more at ShopJaydot. I used to run Thoughty Blog, now I do consultation, photography, & more. I'm disabled, neurodivergent, queer, polyam, & nonbinary-masc.

Literally page one of the ethics handbook, I would have thought

abortion, bundle 

Submitted two items to the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds. If you're a game creator (or any kind of creator on you can join too:

(They're using the game-jam format to organize these with

Cw ableism, disability struggles, hygiene, assault mention (2/2) 

I spent the day hyping myself up to shower, but it fills me with deep fear & anxiety. Even with just candles lit, music playing, a shower chair, door open & only the clear plastic shower curtain there so I could see, I still ended up in tears, full body shaking, & massively in pain afterwards.

You don't know why someone struggles with hygiene. Shaming is never the best route to help. Providing info is great, but don't judge. (2/2)

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Cw ableism, disability struggles, hygiene, assault mention (1/2) 

If you have ever in your life criticized someone's hygiene practices, regardless of the issue you perceive, I'd like you to consider my situation today.

I needed to get clean, beyond just washing up with a washcloth. I'm disabled, & have physical limitations, plus trauma from being assaulted in the shower and bath. I also have a pretty intense fear of water, like a proper phobia. (1/2)

political musings 

random thought: I know there are a lot more progressive younger guys than it seems, and I also think that largely younger guys are in a good position to be educated & encouraged to take on progressive perspectives and become allies. I genuinely wonder how unrealistic it would be to bring frat guys en masse to progressivism through autonomy, healthcare, & privacy rights. (I don't think fiscal would work as well.)

just kind of thinking aloud, not looking to debate.

cw eye contact 

I like taking photos, a lot actually, but I'm very slow to edit them because 1) all editing software is clunky trash, 2) my disabilities don't interact well with screen staring & fine motor movements, & 3) it makes me feel FEELINGS about whether my work is good or bad or just mediocre as fuck. However, I have like 1500 photos to sort, narrow down, edit the remainder, export, & backup...from ONE memory card.

I'm gonna die, frankly.(included: some faves from a recent park excursion)

Thread: #OtD 28 Jun 1969 the Stonewall rebellion began in the early hours. The New York Police Department, as part of its policy of closing gay bars, raided the Stonewall Inn, which had a substantial poor and working class LGBT+ clientele.

Hi, I repair and restore all kinds of electronics from the 1960's to the present day, and right now folk are saying some absolutely bonkers things about cheap secondhand graphics cards that have been used for cryptocurrency.

Normally I'd say aye, buy secondhand electronics, every time. I haven't bought new electronics in years.

Secondhand electronics that were designed to run about 3 hours a day for two years and have been running flat-out 24/7?

AVOID. I know what I'm talking about here.

A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you

About Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy by Robert H Frank (affiliate link)

"From New York Times bestselling author and economics columnist Robert Frank, a compelling book that explains why the rich underestimate the importance of luck in their success, why that hurts everyone, and what we can do about it."

#book #books

Played a game of Lunar (cold war gone hot - On the Moon!) over the weekend, and it was a blast. It was strategic and tense up to the very last actions of the game, while being silly and fun the whole time.

The rule books and materials definitely need an editorial pass and some general usability improvements, but it is so much fun already that we're planning to play again soon.

@scout also, the belief that written language is somehow more intellectual, capable, or educated than voiced/signed language, is a classist colonialist prejudice based on ignorance of literature, linguistics, and how language works in culture.

Saying audiobooks isn’t reading is just straight ableism

Today's gender is the sound of a dial-up modem.

Cw healthcare,medical treatment, sex related things, STI, illness 

Prescribed Bactrum, hopefully addressing both potential lymph node infection & likely UTI simultaneously, then I'll follow up w/PCP if the lymph doesn't fade, go to ER if the UTI spreads further.

They're gonna double check for chlamydia & gonorrhea just in case I somehow got reinfected. I need to major sterilize ALL of my toys, too, like proper boil or something, to ensure that nothing is carrying over bacteria wise, bleh. 🙁

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Someone just called the exam table paper "deli paper" and now I won't be able to stop laughing the next time I have to hop up onto an exam table.

Cw healthcare,medical treatment 

I have like, a bunch of doc appts this week and next already, but I'm at urgent care because I've got some Fun Symptoms (maybe swollen lymph node, almost definitely a UTI bc my body is broken & my immune system sucks, and potentially some kind of virus or cold because of extra bad fatigue+pain+can't tell if these symptoms are allergies stuff going on. Doesn't look COVID, but with my luck, maybe mono or an infection otherwise. Ugh. I'd like a break from doctors.

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