Who am I, and how can you find my work?

TikTok: boywithboo_beez

Instagram: beaujagr


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Twitter (DM/Tags Only): ThoughtyGames

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Thomas Novosel:

The who am I is a little bit harder, so here's the latest bio I had to do for a project.

Beau Jàgr Sheldon (they/he) is a disabled, queer, nonbinary-masc designer, leadership educator, & artist. They're creator of the legacy Thoughty blog & Script Change. They designed Turn, the Let Me Take a Selfie collection, & The Man and The Stag, & edited & contributed to Behind the Masc, Of the Woods: Lonely Games of Imagination (benefitting The Trevor Project), & the Turn supplement, Towns Like Ours.

I've worked on a variety of other projects as well, including Firefly: Smugglers Guide to the Rim, The Sound of Dew, Cortex Prime Solarpunk, Bubblegumshoe. I have done a lot of work in the safety arena of tabletop RPGs, notably my work with Script Change and also a bunch of consultation.

I do photography, primarily with a Pentax k70 and a variety of vintage and modern lenses, plus I do resin work, dice making, & I'm rebuilding miniature scene creation skills. I also like a lot of media!

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