offbyoni is live! LEGO ISS build plus some Led Zeppelin bonus record I forgot I had

#DMtalk! So I had the most awesome totally emergent #RPG session yesterday, here goes.

The party was to prepare for a long travel quest, so the plan was to check out trainers or earn some easy money and basically fast-forward to the start of the quest. At the start of the session, I routinely checked the calendar with religious holidays, just to be safe.

Turns out, there would be a two-day celebration to the goddess of fighting and bravery in three days, the sword festival. >>

Just uploaded two of my old #Fiasco playsets to my own website. If you like Fiasco, you can get them for free there! If you don't know Fiasco yet, go and have a look, it's awesome for getting new people started with role playing games! #penandpaper #ttrpg

I love how completely innocent this cover is of any concept of graphic design whatsoever. Bring that back, OSR, I dare you!

I've just realized that playing rpgs and buying rpgs is two completely separate hobbies.

Something to note about me: I've played with a lot of people. I first started playing on a regular basis in 2002, when I was in grade 9. My Dad took me to a local Icebreaker/Weekend in Ket Living Greyhawk game. We played at the main local conventions for a couple of years, then played a really good adventure (Into Thin Air by Jim Rea) and really wanted to play the sequel (The Darkeye Hour).

You want to get rid of murderhobos?

Give your PCs enduring connections to the community -- family, friends, professional acquaintances, organizations, and so on -- and then don't destroy them for cheap drama.


While getting dressed I find myself pondering a video game where you are a shoulder dragon with shoulder dragon sized problems. Sure, the wizard whose shoulder you ride on has some complex world-in-peril narrative to deal with, and every now and then she makes you do some weird mission that can only be accomplished by a tiny dragon, but mostly you're concerned with lazing around the place while she does research, stealing cookies from the cabinet, chasing the local rats and birds, accumulating a shoulder dragon sized hoard of shiny things, and so on.

It would be the most relaxing thing ever.

My games use a system called “Magic Words,” which replaces how Magic Users get their spells. Basically, instead of learning fully formed spells, MUs learn individual words. During downtime, they can put some of their words together in whatever arrangement sounds best to them. Whatever they end up with is the name of a spell their character has created. Then, in between sessions, I come up withe some suitable effects for a spell of that name. I’ve been using the system since I came up with it back in 2015, and I love it.

Last year, I posted a list of all the spells my ORWA players had come up with so far. And, in the year since then, they’ve come up with a whole bunch of new spells, so I figured it was time to turn them into another post.

I made an audio balancing tutorial for people streaming RPGs on Twitch. So many streams where one or more people are not the same volume as everyone else >_<

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I keep getting interested in the worldviews either baked in, or (better) deliberately expressed in game mechanics. You're saying something about the nature of conflict, or what makes a person.

Got back on this kick after picking up Dogs in the Vineyard at PAX Unplugged (an acquisition I'm still, apparently, excited about)...

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I’m Toni, a genderqueer 35 year old roleplayer and these days mostly GM.

I didn’t play much between college and two years ago, but then got into indie games by playing at Nine Worlds con in London. I soon started MCing Monsterhearts for a few friends and we moved on to this spring.

Today we played the first session of a new campaign.
Character creation took ages, but we still got through the first part of “In the Shadow of the Horns”. 😀

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