💀💜 Love for this chonky d20.

Chromatic Ghost ⭐️ The Glittering Nest

Aaaaaaaaand the sets are already sold out. Holy shit.

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I got sushi dice yesterday and I cannot scream over them enough!!! 🍣🍙❤️

Assorted Sushi ⭐️ Royal Ram Resin

Dice mail!

Speckled Sunrise ⭐️ Moonstone Dice Shop

OK I also love that everybody is sharing their cats. So here are my children.

Magnus "Nubbins", Zero, Iris.

Most recent dice purchase from Majestic Trinkets. For my hubby's rune knight. He worked with our DM to skin his rune knight stuff as a deck of cards. His character is a criminal and a bad gambler so this is very appropriate.

Hello, dice.camp! Haven't been on the Fediverse since before the pandemic... buuuuuut... figured I'd set up a little cozy space here too.

Been playing D&D for 4ish years now and I am an insane dice collector (over 700 sets).

Will be using this much like my Twittah. Dice posts, CR blah blah, random shit about my own characters. So yeah. HI THERE.


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