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Really happy to say that WORLD ENDING GAME is out now (in a digital format- print books to come).

World Ending Game is a tabletop game made to be the last session of a campaign in any system. It emulates the end of a film, wrapping your story in a sequence that stays with you, even as you leave it.

You can find it at;

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The image in this post displays its own MD5 hash.

You can download and hash it yourself, and it should still match - 1337e2ef42b9bee8de06a4d223a51337

I think this is the first PNG/MD5 hashquine.
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Never mind! User problem, I had a minimal keyboard setting switched on.

Huh. I can’t seem to locate the upload image button on the iPad client of Mastodon…

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when we go to her place after she tells me she's gonna teach me C programming

I've taken a long break in art/illustration due to some mental health elements, but things are picking up and I've managed to finish a fanart piece for a podcast based in Melbourne. - Swords N Monsters.

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I'm getting into as a venue for non-gaming #zines. For example:

Hit me with recommendations, and I'll boost them.

Remember: non-gaming (video or tabletop)

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update: today i modeled the broken padlock, some broken pieces of chain, and finished laying out the chain in the map... it's very long and fun to follow so i'm excited about putting in all the extras around it.
screenshots from within unreal:


Toying around with tones and trying to do more lettering.

Don’t lock eyes

Done on my 2004 wacom intuos 3, surprised it still works after all these years. Trying to improve my posture while I have no desk to work on.

On the Couch with a few books to level the arm position. Works for now 🫠

been a little while but managed to get back into more TTRPG focused things. Created an horror artefact / horror prompt for IKO’s jam.

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@ritualdust t'as des liens qui pointe a ton "localhost" dans ce blog post(qui est excellent btw)

okay - some slotted time to just browse and begin to do some downtime things. (sort of)
- joined which is a "community that exists on a linux server."
First time using SSH and CMDER (windows) // terminal emulator

The setup was easy, minor hic-up on my part on permissions and access, but I'm able to browse message boards through terminal which is super cool!

Also doing more writing and thoughts on small internet / platform fatigue.

Oh, and probably relocating states > Sydney.

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