Review - By the Author of Lady Windermere’s Fan - Get this game if you like Wildian humour and free form story gaming.

Sgt Valentine Sima rides again, keeping Hong Kong's streets slick with justice in Feng Shui 2 at One Shot Saturday

concept: a dragon with a hoard of girl scout cookies

punchline A for this concept - the dragon is the leader of the local troop. look at all the badges her darling scouts have collected! they all went camping this summer, would you like to see all the slides??

punchline B for this concept - the dragon used to have a hoard of gold but then there were some kids asking at their door if they wanted some cookies and before they even realized what was happening, they had 5000 boxes of thin mints

Hey! Do you want a one-shot version of Monster of the Week? Of course you do - get Lurking in Dark Corners alongside Best of F#iends, my not-Monsterhearts game here:

Kraching and For The Queen at One Shot Saturday.

My Sandy Pug Games Awards Game Exchange is By the Author of Lady Windermere's Fan by Ed Turner Looking forward to the story game about desperate improvisation and egregious theatricality.

If you fit curves to data, you'll be pleased to know that appears to be working again!

Kraching is an adventure setting inspired by forest-adjacent life, Mah Meri woodworking, and the place of cats in contemporary Malaysian culture

"You are our God's Chosen One," the robed figures said.
"Er... Which god?"
The robed figures shuffled their feet and looked around.
"Our God is a minor water deity. Of the pond in the park."
"Oh. And the chosen one would?"
"Lead the Cleansing."
"Of rubbish. From the pond."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Thanks kindly to Brie Beau Sheldon for interview. Please follow the link if you'd like some more information about The Last Stand of the Dream Guard.

Two tables of Feng Shui 2 at One Shot Saturday to start the new year.

Firefighter PbtA
The daredevil - starting moves:

Risk and reward - when you take on excessive risk, gain +1 forward but double all harm and stress gained by failure.

Never you - when you ar rescued, you take no harm but your rescuer suffers double all harm and stress gained.

Last Fleet is live on Kickstarter!

It's a PBTA game about a rag-tag fleet, fleeing across space from the merciless inhuman foe that destroyed human civilisation. You play brave pilots, officers, engineers, politicians and journalists fighting to keep the fleet - and themselves - in one piece.

The game is focused on action, intrigue and drama in this high-pressure setting.

The Hot Pot Reunion - A Taipo Adventure

The old gang reunites for the first time in years to discover troubling news of sinister forces in the neighborhood. The game is Feng Shui 2 and characters will be provided.

Fire fighter PbtA thoughts:
Primary source of danger - fires and rescues.
Primary source of drama - off duty character interaction.
The game should balance the two but provide flexibility of focus.
The MC will most definitely have an "interupt drama will call out" move.

Starting the new year with chocolate milk on chocolate cereal. #2020

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