Both sad and unsurprising to see the same patterns of police brutality in the US that have been so widely observed in Hong Kong.

There's a yeti in the mall in Green Dawn Mall and banana monkey pirates in Lasers and Feelings at One Shot Saturdays.

Killing a Hydra with fire in 6d6 and spacing space vampires in Super Blood Harvest at One Shot Saturdays

The colony of Theta Horizon was saved from the Breen in Star Trek Light at One Shot Saturday.

For all those who want to play with the island generator:

Or if you want to give square maps a chance:

Currently you have to examine the source of the image and at the end you'll find the input for the mapper, which you can extract to work with it (important for adding labels and the like).

I'll polish this eventually, but right now I think I'm going to try a different idea, first. So in the mean time, this is what it is.
#map #generator

Sufficiently advanced exposure is still indistinguishable from working for free.

Crash Pandas, Ghoul Punks (Cthulu Dark) and Ice Trolls (Fantasy Age) at One Shot Saturday.

A tin watcher is a small metal golem that patrols a set route. If it finds an intruder it points and yells intruder until reset by the owner. If attacked, the head tilts back and it goes off like a air raid siren.

I'm dipping cucumber maki in hummus and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

For change, here are birbs inspecting a caliper.

Superglue and araldite on my fingers. What fun. Didn't need those skin layers anyways.

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