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1586 high res pictures from beautiful, incredible Norway to use for all of your creations. ❤

Day 24 - In jokes and call backs are much more effective when playing with friends.

Day 23- We've found a Pret a Manger in Sheung Wan that has nice big tables and quiet music. It's our go to location for gaming.

This weekend at One Shot Saturday is MALANDROS
A game of swindlers and street fighters, of love, hate and community in the last days of imperial Brazil.

Day 16 - I don't have any specific safety tools that I use throughout play but if I think the game could interact with sensitive subject matter I'll give an x-card-ish safety briefing.

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If you join the fray, tag me & I can add you to the collections on our pages! If you can't afford sale prices, go to or directly or refresh cookies after clicking sales link to get you back to them!

Day 15 - I like to take a step back from the long plot and occasionally drop the characters in a settlement with nothing specific to do for a session. It reliably encourages character development.

Day 14 - Completing characters arcs. I can't always do it for every character but it's always good to see ideas from episode 1 play out to their end.

Day 13 - I like to ask the players question so that they give the reasons for the in media res hard scene framing I just dropped on them.

Day 12 - 6d6 2nd Ed. The requirement to justify which advantages your invoking really helps new players explore both character and fiction.

Day11 - I'm intrigued by FATE and really should block off some time to read up on it.

Captain Anderson went down with his ship but the fleet has found a new home in the Finale of Last Fleet at One Shot Saturday

Day 10 - Most one shots I run need about 3-4 hours to fully explore the story. For episodes of longer campaigns, playing in 3 hour blocks with a break in the middle keeps people fresh.

Day 9 - I certainly would like to add music to my games but as I usually play in public spaces I don't have as much environmental control as I'd like.

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