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I work at one of America's largest, oldest, and strangest food cooperatives. I'm interested in talking about decolonisation, eco-communism, labour organising, knitting, and RPG design and theory.

I once shared a name with a tropical storm, but it got downgraded to a tropical depression.


What's interesting to me about the captain problem is that it is a social role that exists solely in the fiction that cascades into player level problems. If one character's job is to make decisions and its the other characters' jobs to act on those decisions, that meaningfully restricts the kinds of interesting decisions each player can make from the perspective of the character.

It's notable that a lot of solutions are to compensate by dividing up player level roles differently.

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Just you watch, now my brain is going to gnaw on this problem until it finds a way to make captains interesting outside of those parameters out of sheer defiance.

The latest space game design development has led me to posit thus: Captains are the worst.

It's a boring PC role and an even worse NPC role. Unless someone has a reason to actively vie for the position, or the game is expressly about mutiny, ship crew games will always struggle with the existence of the captain.

Shout out to the Stanford Online Accessibility Program website. It's the most coherent resource I've found that really explains all sorts of context around accessible websites. Not just "here are some tools" but "here is how to think critically about your users and make a site that works for everyone".

General intro:

List of articles on many different web accessibility topics:

One attempt at a definition might be to say that 'pataphysics is a branch of philosophy or science that examines imaginary phenomena that exist in a world beyond metaphysics; it is the science of imaginary solutions

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me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

so hi i just got fired.. now would be a real good time to support a broke trans girl. you can find my games at and buy me a coffee at would definitely appreciate a signal boost.
my games, if you wanna by them, include Exodus, a game about sad trans angels on the run, and Wreckage in the Ring, about giant robot wrestling.

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In case people haven't read through it, I consider this retrospective compilation of Vincent Baker's writings on how RPGs work to be one of the foundational texts of roleplaying game design and theory.

Regardless of what style of RPG you want to make, any RPG designer would be well served to read it carefully all the way through.

Someone: yeah, so we threw some ML on it and that solved the problem
Me, utterly confused: ...
Someone: you have that look again
Me: ...
Someone: for the last time, ML is machine learning, not Marxism-Leninism

Here's another, perhaps inverse way of putting it: RPGs are a game, right? Games often have expressions of strategy, style, and skill. These are things developed through a combination of practice and ability.

Where do you want the players to express their strategy, style, and skill? Where is it necessary for them to struggle in order to learn to be skillful, and where should they not have to struggle?

I'd lean towards saying is that it shouldn't be anything fundamental to playing the game!

These things are hard to do! And I'm not going to get them reliably if I just say do it.

There's a point in my space game where I need time to dilate. I want you to describe each moment that passes, one at a time, one after the other, in painful slowness and detail.

There's another point in my space game where I need you to have an actual conversation. Like, just a naturalistic conversation with an NPC, complete with "hey, pass me the spanner would you?"

The game won't work without those interactions playing out in that way.

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