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A friend of mine told me that since we aren't currently in a revolutionary situation game design is a perfectly adequate way to spend your time.

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hrrgnh pope im trying to manage a monsatary but im dummy wealthy and the clap of my golden altar peices keeps alerting the Viking raiders

Me, shortly before quitting my job: I'm going to be so creatively productive while I have the opportunity!

After quitting job: *mother comes to visit for a week* *gets incredibly sick* aw dang

I'm so thrilled - my space whaling game has circled back to include all of the features I had originally sketched out for it and then discarded, only in completely different shapes. Now, hilariously, I can cite Dream Daddy alongside Das Boot and Moby Dick as influences.

I knew eventually I would try to make an OSR game. We'll see how long it stays OSR.

My UK friends may recognize the title as a reference to the queer solidarity group that supported the miner's strike from 1984-1985

Sometimes all it takes is a name for a project to spring fully-formed into your mind:

Pits & Perverts

An OSR game of gay working class heroes

I missed Games of Thrones tonight. I hope my favorite character, Mr. Thrones, finally got the rose and was chosen to kiss a dragon.

Thus began the Age of Fire. But soon the flames will fade and only Dark will remain. Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights. And amongst the living are seen, carriers of the accursed Darksign.

The Grimoire has it where the player drives the story and keeps continuity, which means that a single, sufficiently motivated person can keep the game going, even if the rest of the group is in constant flux! And the Grimoire itself handily provides that motivation, because I sure as hell want to figure out what is in it!

Most games have GMs whose job is to keep continuity and provide creative friction while the players are the primary decision makers. This makes for tricky scheduling problems, because you need both the people who maintain continuity and the people who drive the story to show up!

Here is the coolest thing about The Wizard's Grimoire for me: it radically reconfigures the arrangement of social and mechanical functions traditionally played by GMs.

Holding development time on my space whaling game hostage until management sits down to negotiate a neutrality agreement everybody sign my petition

Hey, did everyone know that unionising in America is difficult?

Because it is!

Anyways how are you doing? Have you considered starting a union? You should!

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i picked back up my ongoing generated cross stitch project. i would like to do more textile art.

I think the fediverse might appreciate one of my favourite patches

Union activity is ramping up, and of course whenever that happens my game design activity goes down.

But! I have all next week off for my favourite noise festival, and I'm going to spend it listening to people bang pots and pans over a backdrop of microphone feedback.

Maybe during the day I will get some game work done!

This really is a superb internal critique of how the future of communist struggle cannot be founded upon the analysis of past circumstances which no longer obtain.

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