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This really is a superb internal critique of how the future of communist struggle cannot be founded upon the analysis of past circumstances which no longer obtain.

Dang it I'm going to have to make a hack of Comrades that takes into account this critique, aren't I?

"Revolutionaries get lost in history, defining themselves by reference to a context of struggle that has no present-day correlate. They draw lines in sand which is no longer there."

I'm lichen it.

I finally got those high contrast sun shots I was after.

Full size here. Zoom in for maximum weirdness! · #photography

In which I misunderstand someone entirely, explain why I got excited at someone else, and in the process break down something potentially useful

Current prototype game board for my RPG Roar of Alliance. The game has a pretty big physical footprint, with this board plus character sheets, vehicle sheets, and crew position half-sheets on the table.

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is it gay to unionize? You be organizing workers into a union. ☕️🤔

Like a cat, I have horked up some RPG theory all over's nice new rug

Check it out

The Coco de Mer (Lodoicea maldivica) is a rare palm tree from the Seychelles, which grows the world's largest wild fruit, containing the world's largest seed.

The fruit may be 40-50cm in diameter and can weigh up to 30kg. They take 6 or 7 years to grow and ripen, and the seed takes 2 years to germinate.

As you might expect, the flowers that produce those fruit are huge – the largest of any palm tree. When it germinates, the cotyledons which sprout from these seeds can be up to 4m in length!

bulgarian police tried to attack a crowd of protesters with pepper spray but forgot about the direction of the wind. yakety sax plays in the background to add a sense of tasteful whimsy.

current mood: “repetition is a form of change”

And @takumaokada is also a moderator!

My friends this is what home feels like

Twitter can never work as a public forum in a sustainable way. Mastodon, because of the public local timeline, could, but in practice ends up being too fragmented. Cross talk between instances is difficult.

What these sites are good for is smaller working groups, public-facing design notebooks, outreach to existing connections within the community, and personal musings.

It strikes me that rich online RPG communities have two qualities:

A shared and common space where multiple voices and conversations can be had. A shared timeline or a forum where what you can see and what you can say is not entirely siloed by who you follow and who follows you.

Is oriented first and foremost towards conversation between *designers*

These two are what combine to create a rich creative environment for new forms of play to develop.

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