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So yeah, eh?

I'm a Canadian gamer, big fan of 13th Age, 4e D&D, many others.

Used to run a blog. It's still up if you want to dig through it, but I haven't blogged in years.

Here to hang out with fun gaming people.

Our 13th Age party was attacked by a guy with a drake yesterday. My gnome illusionist decided to use Disguise Self, Ghost Sound, and a turkey sandwich to befriend it instead of attacking.

Long story short, Gnate Wifflebat has a new mount, and he's a good good scaly boy.

( @wolfsamurai )

So I didn't even think this was possible, but I managed to roll a cocked d4 yesterday...

Today's high: -4 C (+25 F)
Tomorrow's low: -30 C (-22 F)

...fucking Winnipeg, sometimes...

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Facebook updated how posts show up so that uBlock removes every single post.

the platform's sorta better that way.

I've been seeing a bunch of negativity about it, but Last Jedi was very good. High action, funny, very character driven. Porgs are awesome.

I could have done without the milk scene, but that's about it.

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I'm hoping that disney buying fox means we'll get a Deadpool/Howard the Duck movie.

For everyone confused about the thing, here's a good run down as to why it's both bad and nonsensical.

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With the support of my fantastic Patreon supporters, I'm creating a new 13th Age setting called Shattered Horizons.

Today I'm releasing a primer/adventure free to the public so you can get a taste for the setting.

If people could boost this post, I'd really appreciate it. Word of mouth is super important for stuff like this.

I need more games in my life. Anybody running anything that they want a new player for?

I'd especially love to get in with some 4e, but I doubt that's likely these days. Heck, I might even run that one... maybe.

There's a building on my way to work with the sign for a company: "Pitblado Law" - I assume it's someone's surname.

But now I have this word desire to run a charismatic rogue/attorney named Pit Blado.

My mind is weird.

Well, those are just wrong, according to my current 13th Age character. Clearly I'm a gnome illusionist with a toad companion.

That said, I think I have my next character...

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@ve4grm You are an inventive diviner from the holy city Arx Gaudiam, where the Hierarch's will is law.

I need to figure out how to pin toots. I saw someone with a pinned toot and want to do the same.

Does liking make you old-school, or indie and hipster now?

Also, did anyone want to play some with me?

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