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: I'm Kit, I like games about feelings and people, ideally in weird (and especially spooky) circumstances. I make some, too. Been working on Et in Arcadia Ego, my Regency fantasy game, for a while, and have a few other smaller projects bubbling along.

You wanna play? Let's play.

This is my all-RPGs-all-the-time alt.

Yo, if you need RPG editing work done, I can definitely recommend @briecs. Going through their first-round edits on my game right now, and it's good stuff. Editing is *hard* y'all.

Ok, gonna stream some Sea of Thieves and talk in about 45 minutes at if you wanna drop by and say hi.

Mastodon needs a way to clear recent notifications. I not infrequently get notifications that are useful in that moment, but that I don't want to be regularly reminded of every time I open this page.

Because @turtlebirb reminded me, .

I'm getting back into streaming shipgames and talking about tall ships, sailing, age-of-sail colonialism, whatever. I know just enough to recognize what I don't know, and would love folks to join my streams with questions, corrections, comments, and enthusiasms!

I'll let y'all know here when I stream; generally it's Tuesday nights at

In this spookiest of seasons, do you want to do something ? Make something brand new come into existence, filled with & materials!

Back Homunculus Assembly Line to be a part of the magic, & retoot & share! Hurry, time is short!

He tried to read an elementary economics text; it bored him past endurance, it was like listening to somebody interminably recounting a long and stupid dream. He could not force himself to understand how banks functioned and so forth, because all the operations of capitalism were as meaningless to him as the rites of a primitive religion, as barbaric, as elaborate, and as unnecessary. In a human sacrifice to deity there might at least be a mistaken and terrible beauty; in the rites of the money-changers, where greed, laziness, and envy were assumed to move all men’s acts, even the terrible became banal. β€”Ursula K. Le Guin

The goose is nature's punishment for the sin of enclosing the commons

I did get to play The King is Dead (cc @lumpley and @meguey) and my "I can't read things from a text in-game" feeling was 100% not a problem, and it was good. Yay!

If they must remake The Princess Bride …

Westley: Shameik Moore
Buttercup: Janelle MonΓ‘e
IΓ±igo: Vincent Rodriguez III
Humperdinck: Jason Schwartzman
Count Rugen: Idris Elba
Vizzini: Cecily Strong
Fezzik: The Rock
Miracle Max: Keanu Reeves
Parent: Deedee Magno Hall
Son: Ian Chen

Homunculus Assembly Line is inching closer to the halfway point - help us make it! While you’re there, learn a little about our artists!

If someone had the fortune to be able to save 100% of a six-figure salary (say, $100,000/year in this case), it would take 10 years to save up 1 million. It would take 10,000 years to save up 1 billion.

Billionaires should not exist. Not in a perfect world, and certainly not in our imperfect one.

I recently learned that New Zealand have expanded the range of indicators for how they measure their country's success. It's not just about the economy any more.

It's about current wellbeing, future wellbeing and their impact on other countries. That covers a huge range of stuff, including biodiversity, life expectancy, literacy, greenhouse gas emissions...everything from fish stocks to child poverty.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Feminists have long said that GDP is a patriarchal measure because it ignores the value of women's unpaid work. It's also useless in so many other ways. Well done to New Zealand for coming up with a better way of measuring how your country is doing.

They're not the only country doing this, but they're one of very few trailblazers.

Prepare yourselves.

Strange art for tabletop games, with fresh new content inspired by the illustrations, coming soon to Kickstarter.

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