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: I'm Kit, I like games about feelings and people, ideally in weird (and especially spooky) circumstances. I make some, too. Been working on Et in Arcadia Ego, my Regency fantasy game, for a while, and have a few other smaller projects bubbling along.

You wanna play? Let's play.

This is my all-RPGs-all-the-time alt.

Take half an hour out of your day and watch this, then get it in front of some friends, and change your social media watching habits:

I read it more than a decade ago. This is a passage that has stuck with me, one of a handful of simple things he suggests late in the book that you can do to contribute to betterment in our collective endeavors (when it might not feel like you can contribute): count something.

So are we all ready to talk about how little work is actually required to operate our society yet or nah

"humans are the real virus" or "this is deserved' are eco-fascist slogans that urge and celebrate the suffering and death of the disabled, poor, and disenfranchised.

"The cleaner water and air demonstrates humans are the real vIRuS of this world!!"

No. Everything required to fight the spread of Covid-19 that's also helping the environment is not, in turn, harming humanity.

It's harming Capitalism.

THAT is the harmful virus.

You ever see someone going by a lot on the federated TL and think "they feel like a Russian asset"? Time to exercise those ol' block button muscles.

My history is as a union organizer. I have a specific set of organizing strategies that I am familiar with, that work in a certain broad set of contexts. But they don't work in all contexts!

I'm going to use this thread to share some of the strategies and analyses I have learned as a union organizer.

I would like to encourage other organizers to respond to this post to share what strategies they have learned.

Please boost this so we can reach as many organizers as possible!

Resistance and community building is spreading more virally than COVID19

They're ghouls.
51 Republican senators just voted against an amendment to the Response Act that would have expanded paid leave to millions of Americans left out of the package. Let that sink in.

I'm sorry but Grubhub and Doordash and so aren't filling a social need, they're dominating a market niche and everyone's focus on them as heroes right now is distracting from efforts to set up actually accessible and sanitary food distribution.

Like, untrained workers handling food that is only sold at high mark-up and then transported around in private vehicles throughout neighborhoods? Charging huge fees?

Holy fuck! That's not a solution!!

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Flatten all the curves, folks. That includes the damn toilet paper consumption curve.

@lumpley the way you ended your latest post on using PbtA approaches in game design is a DAMN TEASE.

Right now the Nelson Women's Centre only has 14 more days to raise a final $2000 or they don't get any of the money they raised in their campaign.

it's gross and creepy to see patterns in sites like Netflix where I'll watch a few films in Spanish or watch a couple films with Black leads, or i'll watch a few LGBTQ romances, and then all of a sudden the whole site changes. film covers are changed to display BIPOC folx more often, i somehow unlock whole new categories of films, etc.

then i watch a couple of blockbusters one weekend and the site reverts to a homogenized safety bubble of middle class hetero white society

it's scary to think how many sites create these safe spaces for privileged people to erase everyone not like them, and no one even notices

("Moderate" is a socially defined stance, so pushing the claim that he is moderate makes his views be more easily perceived as moderate.)

Media literacy lesson time y'all!

"The RCMP are being pulled out of Wet'suwet'en territory, meeting demands of protesters blockading transportation around the country."

Incorrect! The protests are in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en, who are not protesting the RCMP being in their territory, but the invasion of their territory by the Canadian government, which involves both the RCMP and Coastal GasLink.

Y'know, the oil pipeline. At the center of this. Now being erased.

Media literacy matters.

Also I just noticed a fukken typo in my Yiddish and it's gonna drive me mad. Used a kaf in place of a qof, dangit.

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