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: I'm Kit, I like games about feelings and people, ideally in weird (and especially spooky) circumstances. I make some, too. Been working on Et in Arcadia Ego, my Regency fantasy game, for a while, and have a few other smaller projects bubbling along.

You wanna play? Let's play.

This is my all-RPGs-all-the-time alt.

I just added an account for Where to Find Me: @wheretofindme . Follow them if you wanna hear about new features, bugfixes, changes. I'll sometimes boost them, but this way you can ignore Where to Find Me updates more easily if you want to!

I just discovered that we've had enough donations to cover current server costs for for a *year*. I'm flooredβ€”thank you all so much for the support and enthusiasm you've shown for something I thought was just gonna be a small use to a few people.

More news: we're past 600 signups, and I've fixed a bunch of bugs and added a few features.

You can now put a text tag and quality on your links, and choose an icon for them (though we'll still try to best-guess the icon). The quality is just "low/medium/high", to convey how much you really use that service, and the tag is whatever you want: I'll be curious to see how people use them to organize content.

I'll keep trying to make this better and useful for you!

I am half-seriously considering an RPG that also involves folk songs. I feel like there should be an audience of folks who'll share songs together and stories together, at the same time? If I can improv an NPC, and I can improv a harmony, why not do both?

Somehow, we're past 300 users on Where to Find Me! I am glad this is useful to people, but I know there's more I need to do.

I'm currently working with a few folks on a detailed policy and response to abuses of the service (most notably impersonation), and adding some technical features. The most recent features I've added are nicknames on favstars: when you fav someone, you can also add a nickname that _only you see_ to remind you who that username is.

Check it out:

Played 🐺 today for the first time in a long while. Still a consistently fantastic game.

Hey folks using ! I have a new feature. Search!

*Because I believe in privacy-first design, you have to opt in to search.*

If you're logged in, you can go to and add aliases, names someone might know you by and try to search for you under. You can also flip the "include me in search" toggle if you wanna be searchable.

All your aliases will show up on your profile, so, y'know, only include that really embarrassing one if you wanna.

When I started this piece about racist tropes in Tolkien's orcs, I knew orcs were a racist stereotype. I didn't realize orcs were a stereotype OF ASIANS SPECIFICALLY. Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth, Part I: A Species Built for Racial Terror

Everyone using, thank you so much! We passed 100 users while I wasn't looking, and it's really exciting. I hope this is useful to everyoneβ€”right now it's just the bare minimum, but I want to make it more useful to you all, while keeping it as aggressively simple as I can. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know what I can do to improve it for you. discourse Show more

Find whose land you are on, and learn the language.

tfw you realize you've been mispronouncing "Urgell" for years and are embarrassed.

(Yes, I talk about Andorra that much. No, I don't know why. Yes, I know why. Yes, it's because of hilarious border history nonsense.)

"At one time there were more British soldiers fighting the Luddites than there were fighting Napoleon on the Iberian Peninsula."

Tell that story.

Reading/playing a Regency fantasy IF, and I just twigged to what I don't like about it: while the game does something valuable in casting aside period homophobia, sexism, racism, etc, that also undercuts the thematic emphasis of Regency fantasy. For me, writing in the Regency is a way to explore society's restrictions, bigotries, and failings against the contrast of magic.

Hey if you like Django, Django REST Framework, and Django Channels, I wrote a thing that might interest you:

Inching closer to that first draft for Arcadia. It's gonna be done, and I'll be happy with that. Always always always makes your projects scaled such that you can do a lot. Don't get caught in the "this project is my magnum opus" trap.

Feelin' that "witches are a non-consumer category" thing right now. May be getting another dang game idea.

Read my interview about #ThousandArrows with @briecs! I talk about my research process and the game's scope, and show off some art. We're down to the campaign's last ten days, and we need your help to fund. Ride with us.

There are some Kickstarters running now that I'm excited for, but aside from Turn and Thousand Arrows, what games upcoming are you excited about?

I'm totally eager for Dream Apart and Imp of the Perverse, personally.

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