Everyone using, thank you so much! We passed 100 users while I wasn't looking, and it's really exciting. I hope this is useful to everyone—right now it's just the bare minimum, but I want to make it more useful to you all, while keeping it as aggressively simple as I can. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know what I can do to improve it for you.

@WelshPixie Yay! Let me know if you hit any bugs, or need any new features. I'm working on it actively, as quick as I can.

@wlonk I shall! Are you happy if I share it to my other social media accounts, or are you trying to trickle users in slowly for now?

@WelshPixie We've breezed past 200 users without my being able to catch a breath, so all my thoughts of "trickling" are out the window. Go for it!

@wlonk categories would be nice! Like, 'these are my social media sites', 'these are my photography sites' ^.^

@WelshPixie Thanks! That's already in the backlog, but there are a few infrastructural things I have to get done before I can do that well.

@wlonk just signed up! interestedf to see where this goes

@nev Thanks! I am too. Let me know if you find bugs or need features, and I'll try to fix/make them!

@wlonk A preview of an example profile would be helpful.
Casey Jones
Old Twitter: casej
New Mastodon: caseyjo
Old IG: flyingwillow
New Pxlfd: CJPSG

@sbeebe Thanks, I'd love to talk with you more about what you mean by that and the use-case you envision. Wanna take it to DMs for now?

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