@lumpley @meguey You recall that Swashbuckling Romance Patreon Preview from a ways back? Did anything more come out from that? Besides TKiD, I guess, which is clearly of that lineage.

@wlonk @meguey Sure!

A few things have: Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands, The King Is Dead, and In Dreaming Avalon.

Plus a few games by other people, too, which you can see here:

@lumpley @meguey Oh how could I forget In Dreaming Avalon, my favorite of the bunch. Ok, next question then: none of those seem to have the Vignettes that were in Swashbuckling Preview (unless I'm missing something). Did they not work out as hoped?

@wlonk @meguey I guess they must not have!

No what I'd really say is, Firebrands didn't happen to call for them, so they didn't get carried along into that branch of development. I wouldn't draw any conclusions about them beyond that.

@lumpley @meguey Cool, thanks! I've been eyeing them and I was wondering if you had found pitfalls that I could learn from. But "they're not called for here" is a different kind of lesson-learned I guess!

(I'm always interested in the negative space of development, the things not made that don't work as expected, that others can keep trying to reinvent if no one talks about their bad experiences with them.)

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