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I'm a British IT geek, Computer Game & TTRPG player, cynical bastard, and occasionally described as actually lawful good.

Moved onto here from

Happy to burble about D&D, Cyberpunk, and all points west.

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A new related beardy ramble, this time about Evil vs EVIL, is on my tube of yous:

Right, that's 20 minutes of rambling recorded, on the subject of Evil in D&D. Which is probably all bollocks, and I'll be impressed if anyone watches it all the way through

Swans and cygnets at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

And that's a short, fluffy, wlw fantasy novel read.

Princesses, Arranged Marriages, Dragons, and no smut.

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Thanks to an insistent alarm cat, and being unable to get comfortable again, I declare it first breakfast time.

Right. So, that's tickets booked to watch Tessa Thompson in a Suit on Thursday evening.

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I should probably dye a new batch of urban cammo trousers.

A new set of yellows, I think. And maybe a light blue set.

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Youtube. D&D. Beardy Rambles Show more

Cherish Finden in suit and tie. You're welcome.

And that's the second of my Sarissa precision / Badgers and Burrows cottages assembled

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