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I'm a British IT geek, Computer Game & TTRPG player, cynical bastard, and occasionally described as actually lawful good.

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Happy to burble about D&D, Cyberpunk, and all points west.

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How long until I give up on going into the office on Tuesdays? ( Upper limit of Oct 31 for reasons)

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No they bloody didn't, Legolas. Isengard is in no way to the North East.

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Upper lake, from the Greek Temple, at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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Mmm. Plotting spices for the brexit stockpile and contemplating an additional monitor for my home office space

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Dual swing arm monitor thingy deployed. Existing monitor deployed on it.

Will acquire monitor 2 at some future date

Castle Hill, as seen from Greenhead park, Huddersfield.

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