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I'm a British IT geek, Computer Game & TTRPG player, cynical bastard, and occasionally described as actually lawful good.

Moved onto here from

Happy to burble about D&D, Cyberpunk, and all points west.

Ok so. My electricity provider apparently decided to cut the power off from my place and I'll very probably need hundreds of euros to get it back, which I can't afford obviously lol

So if anyone wants to help me even for the tiniest amount... please? I can't even eat warm food (or keep it cold lol) or use hot water without electricity...

I can sell feet pics in exchange for money if that motivates you 😌 (i'm kinda serious lol)

If you'd like to use something else than paypal you can DM me and I can try to set a few things up, but here's my link :

Any help is greatly appreciated even if you just boost :purpleheart:

This lady here knit an entire Grimlock cosplay like it's a cosplay made of wool like... Some kinda Grimwooloo

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Time to reclaim the black bin from where the garbage eating, and much necessary, noisy monster has left it, and provide coffee for my best beloved.

And onto the Two Towers for background soddits and "No, Legolas, there is no conceivable path going North East from where you are to Isengard."

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