My suggestions:

First off all I love your game!!!!! so unique! But here's how to fix it:

* make it less unique
* make it exactly like every other game
* why isn't your game this other game that I already have? fix pls

Someone on Twitter is organizing a TTRPG bundle with all proceeds going to reproductive rights. You can submit your game here:

What I really want are collaborative games, where everyone is dancing together, and no one is the judge evaluating the other monkey's dances. Where the balance of power is much more equal.

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There's a Little Free Library in Detroit that's a full size TARDIS.

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Working on new elves that are…evil? Not quite…despondent, miserable, hateful towards the world they are in, desperate to extend their lives. I don’t know what word to best describe them. But not evil exactly.

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I was wondering about the idea of a GM sheet.

So, other players have character sheets, that often serve as a source of inspiration and options: in some games, when you're not sure, you can look at your character sheet to find some idea on how to proceed.

Could you have such a thing for the GM? A single page that gives inspiration and ideas, possibly for a specific adventure? With enough structure to guide the GM?

Agon's island page is a bit like that, are there others?

Modern readers hearing about Forge critiques often don't seem to realize that at least some of the writers were strongly focused on Vampire 1st Edition, where:

The introduction says the object of play is to collaboratively create a story about humanity and monstrosity.

The rules tell you that characters are functionally superheroes with fangs.

The Storyteller is urged to use devices like foreshadowing in a way that assumes a railroad (not collaborative).

...It's mostly NOT about D&D.

I held perfectly still. A breeze shook the tree; I shook with it.

'Hehehe,' I said. 'They'll never even know I was here ...'

The goblins below frowned up at the tree. 'Jarbin? Is that you?'

I didn't answer; I wouldn't be drawn out of hiding so easily.

I chortled to myself. 'I'm a master of disguise ...'

Below, Tin and Looky shrugged and walked off.


Distantly, Tin said, 'They are definitely watching too many nature documentaries.'

#microfiction #TootFic

I have now realized that if you have multi-part weapon silhouettes as a font, with overlapping sections.... Added parts could be designed as optional color blocks, so you could have a silhouetted gun with blue glow in it's vents.

Or you could make fairy tale illuminated capitals as two letters, one black, one whatever, in the same space.

I am unclear why this is not already A Thing.

Thanks to @PaulCzege I now know that there are almost 1200 images released by Studio Ghibli for free use, barring some sort of “unreasonable” standard!

Do I need to write a game incorporating Porco Rosso and Nausicäa all into one RPG?

I'm a Linux Sysadmin by day, but my real passions are writing & pen & paper tabletop RPGs.

I'm working on a novel & I used to write post-apocalyptic faerie tales.

RPG work can be found at these 2 locations:

I'm old (pushing 50), white, & straight, but I try to overcompensate by being as far left as possible & weirder than a refugee from three impossible timelines combined. Still, if I step in it, don't hesitate to yell at me.

Hey, last week we got hit with an unexpected ER visit, and to celebrate the forthcoming medical bills, I've put a bunch of my games on sale. Not just any games... my Most Dangerous Games.

I'd love it if y'all can check it out!

Story-game concept: group collectively plays as the omniscient entity (or entities) in one of those "diffuse infinite white voids" spouting exposition to confused protagonists at the denouement of a big-concept SF movie like "Interstellar," "Arrival" or "2001," explaining how all the previous enigmatic events of the film are connected and part of a grand plan. Except, the players have to make up what those events were on the fly, also the grand plan.

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