Anybody else hankering to play a ? I love a bit of weird west, or a space western, but sometimes I wish strait up historical westerns were more popular.

@Plusorminus Seems like Undeadwood (from the Critical Role folks) may boost popularity. They’re putting on a hell of a good show and the d6s and deck of card mechanics are perfect for the setting.

@metagrrrl its Deadlands, which I love (both classic & reloaded) but it's a fantasy/steampunk/western mashup so it's not gonna scratch the itch... although I have s separate itch for the railwars mini game they made a while back.

@Plusorminus Hmm, yeah, it may just bring people in for the spooky and not for the history.

Seems like there are amazing stories to be played of the real west, especially as we hear more about the people that were in the background before.

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