I'm not sure why, but ever since I dumped GURPS from my mind I've been really understanding Basic Roleplaying and Fudge. Maybe I'm just more patient and eager to read through them, but I found myself re-reading Mythras "Classic Fantasy" and it finally clicked what they were doing to simulate D&D-style gameplay.

Pretty wild.

@craigmaloney somebody said that Fudge is basically gurps -10 and it blows my mind...

@Plusorminus Not sure I'm understanding the reference, but Fudge definitely has the same DNA as GURPS, much like humans have a bit of Neanderthal DNA floating about.

@craigmaloney gurps is a bell curve centered on ~10 fudge is a sharp bell curve centered on 0. Fudge has a range of plus or minus 4 whereas gurps goes 3 to 18 which is about plus or minus 8 but otherwise it works out similarly.

@Plusorminus (Meaning that I'm not sure if they meant that in a bad way or in a good way)

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