Gatekeeping is bad. But please take a deep breath and repeat after me “Pointing out category errors is not gatekeeping!” Stop it with the knee jerk reactions and read what people have actually said.

@Plusorminus I don't know what "category errors" means in a social context. Got any resources? Google is pointing me to category mistakes in the sense that saying "time crawled" cannot be literally true.

@kasshelfant as in being a soccer fan vs a soccer player. Saying that someone who doesn't play soccer isn't a soccer player is not gatekeeping. Saying they cant become one might be.

@Plusorminus Ah, okay, I think I get it! So like, I have finished two RPG writing contests, but calling me an RPG designer or writer would be a stretch. It isn't what I do, and I don't identify as such. If someone called me an RPG designer, it wouldn't necessarily be gatekeeping for someone to say "That's not really an accurate title at this point." But if I got into it, and maybe released a game myself, if someone were to say "Kassidy hasn't been published, he's not a real designer," would be.

@Plusorminus Thanks for taking the time to explain this and making sure that I got it! I appreciate the effort!

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