My so slow it is nearly useless Nexus 7 tablet was renewed today. I removed all Google software on it and it now works like a charm. Nice one Google.

@gunnar I need to do that, I guess, although I swapped my Nexus 10 to the kiddo and *then* discovered the 7's charging port was very close to non-functional. Not sure it's worth fighting with its software *and* hardware.

@gamehawk @gunnar I have a android tablet (cheap chinese tag digital) that I can't flash for the life of me...

@robert @gunnar This one's a regular Nexus 7. At this point its only redeeming feature is that it's the only thing we have that can do NFC, but given that I misplaced the camera that used it there hasn't been much pressure to get it working.


Try removing Gmail, Calender, everything Google. It worked for me. I didn't flash it. :)

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