My so slow it is nearly useless Nexus 7 tablet was renewed today. I removed all Google software on it and it now works like a charm. Nice one Google.

@gunnar what was that process like? What OS did you flash? I've got an old Nexus 4 I've thought about flashing

Oh! I didn't flash it or install anything. I just removed all apps from Google; Gmail, Currents, Calender... Everything. It is still running lots of third-party apps though.

@gunnar you completely removed them or just disabled them? If there's a simple process to uninstall all of them, I'd love to do that on my devices.

@0x1C3B00DA If you click to uninstall them and select deactive, it will ask you to install the original version of the app. Answer OK. When it finish its thing click on Deactivate before doing anything else. This worked for me and most of them are gone (Gmail, Calendar and such). Some may be too integrated to actually delete I think. Anyway; my tablet became useful again.

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