Helmets! They don't usually do anything and when they do it seems excessive (1 point of AC comes to mind). I'm still fiddling with my own rules and I came up with this. Whenever a blow brings your character to EXACTLY 0 hp wearing a helmet effectively keeps your character at 1 hp. Your helmet saved your life, as they should do, and you get one last chance.

@gunnar A rule in a compiled version of OD&D says a helmet provides a 10% chance of blocking a successful hit. I’m not sure where that rules come from since the document says it pulls a few clarifications from various sources like zines.

@jburneko Interesting. How would one make that work around a table I wonder?

@gunnar I would put it on the player to remember. DM: 19, The goblin hits you. Player: Rolls % - 07, my helmet takes it.


@jburneko I figured it had to be something like that. Wouldn't work at my table I think.

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