A horrible thing has happened. I've started design docs for two computer games. I shouldn't spend my time making computer games, right?

One is to address @AugustAlso 's desire for a boutique character-centric queer anticapitalist cyberpunk found-family tactical stealth heist game, the other is intended to be a deep agriculture sim.

Add this to the backlog. Right now my non-dayjob time is going to writing for 7S and writing an Arcadia public beta. Then editing and laying out Magnum Opus and shine Monsterhearts skins.

@jameswallis The powered-by-the-apocalypse homage to Promethean: the Created I've been poking at.

@jameswallis Mmm, yeah. The name's a working title, and I don't know what I'll eventually call it. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


@wlonk Ah, okay. Sorry to jump down your throat, but I've had people call their thing the same as my thing before and it gets messy.

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