All the time, across multiple social media platforms, I see artists talk about how they're glad they didn't listen to people telling them to stop drawing in "anime style" and they love it. Similarly, I frequently see posts about "emergency commissions" and discussions of how terrible it is when folks ask for free art and whatnot.

Now I'm trying to hire an anime-style artist and pay them real money, and... *crickets*

Why? Because I don't have a major following, I suppose.

It's sort of like the old "Every job listing requires 5 years of experience, but you can only get experience by having a job" paradox.

I can't reach artists to hire them unless I have a following. I can't get a following until I've published a bunch of cool games. I can't publish major games without art. I can't get art unless I can reach artists to hire them.

It's like the capitalism of networking: can't get it unless you've already got it.


@JacobSKellogg Have you tried Deviantart? I've used it to source artists; whether commissioning stuff or negotiating second-use deals for existing pieces.

DeviantArt is a slog when your target is "anime-style characters not drawn by horny men".

@JacobSKellogg @jameswallis Wish I’d seen this earlier. The character designer for Mobile Frame Zero is great. Her name is Emilee Denich. If you need another illustrator, let me know and I’ll introduce you !

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