Right! Moving on! 🍍
I'm Meguey Baker, I work in local history museums, I'm a sex ed teacher, and I make stuff, including role-playing games:

Nice to meet you, what's your main thing?

@meguey Greetings! My main thing is RPG design these days, and a little fiction writing. Hope your day is going well!

@meguey Hi Meguey,

I'm Craig Maloney. I'm working on soe Fate-based designs for the Pepper&Carrot coic. I also help maintain the wiki and do a bit of world-building. :)

By day I'm a computer programmer with a heavy bent towards Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS).

Welcome back!

@meguey My main thing is probably being a dad and a spouse.
Then, if you consider the time spent, I would be a computer scientist, but that definetely defines me less than being a scifi reader, roleplayer, videogamer and nice guy all around.

@meguey howdy.

My main thing, currently, is game design! If you're ever down for discussions on mental illness; music, video games or stupid little things & m a y be the occasional "GAME DESIGN FUNNY" ... uh. You know. Follow me or w/e?

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