If I started a Mastodon instance for PbtA, how hard could that be, right? I mean, do people check multiple instances? Is there a way to make all the instances you are part of feed to your homepage or whatever?

@meguey Sadly I don't think there's a way to combine multiple instances into your feed (other than by following everyone). I have accounts on multiple instances for exactly this reason, and I know some other people do too, but I don't think it's common practice.

That said, you can visit an instance's timeline from outside, so you don't need to be a member to read & respond - but you still have to remember to visit all the instances you care about.


@clinkingdog That "remember to visit" is the thing. Also the "having time to visit".

@meguey Indeed. I'm not aware of any way to gather multiple instances' timelines into one feed.

Such a thing may be out there, though! Mastodon is a coder's world, and there are many apps and tools I haven't used.

@clinkingdog @meguey I mean, you can follow accounts on any instance from any instance, so I am not sure what the use-case of what you're describing is?

@wlonk @meguey For me, discovery. I don't follow many people on but I like to dip into the timeline and see what's happening, and maybe join in with some conversations. Sometimes I might follow someone as a result but often I won't - but it's still a resource I'm interested in.

@clinkingdog @meguey So you're essentially talking about growing an instance's federated timeline in a curated way, to help you and others on the instance find relevant content? Do I understand right?

@wlonk @meguey I may be wrong but I thought we were talking from a user's perspective rather than an instance's perspective. So I might want to browse the local (not federated) timeline of a hypothetical PbtA instance, but I would also want to do the same for, and maybe others. I don't think there's a way currently to see both on the same page (let alone the same feed). But perhaps what you're describing could accomplish this? I'm not sure I understand how.

@clinkingdog @meguey If you use an alternative app for mastodon you can make it easier like pinafore (for web browser) or twidere (that merges all the feeds, including twitter)

@meguey Too late for me to answer, but in short, yes it possible.
Some people do follow multiple instances, and it's pretty easy for someone to follow what's happening on another instance - you'll need to add people one by one, but I doubt there will be 500+ people...
Then, you create a list on your main instance, and voilà.
(I am pretty sure you can automatize everything with a bot, too).

@meguey Any instance you follow will end up on the "federated timeline" for your home instance.

As far as setting up a PbtA-specific instance, see

Yes I do. From time to time I also hang on because french practising.

@meguey I one had multiple instances, but then I deleted It. But the case was that were generic instances, if it was a dedicated one, with special focus on, I would follow it.

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