If I started a Mastodon instance for PbtA, how hard could that be, right? I mean, do people check multiple instances? Is there a way to make all the instances you are part of feed to your homepage or whatever?

@meguey Sadly I don't think there's a way to combine multiple instances into your feed (other than by following everyone). I have accounts on multiple instances for exactly this reason, and I know some other people do too, but I don't think it's common practice.

That said, you can visit an instance's timeline from outside, so you don't need to be a member to read & respond - but you still have to remember to visit all the instances you care about.



@clinkingdog That "remember to visit" is the thing. Also the "having time to visit".

@meguey Indeed. I'm not aware of any way to gather multiple instances' timelines into one feed.

Such a thing may be out there, though! Mastodon is a coder's world, and there are many apps and tools I haven't used.

@clinkingdog @meguey I mean, you can follow accounts on any instance from any instance, so I am not sure what the use-case of what you're describing is?

@wlonk @meguey For me, discovery. I don't follow many people on dice.camp but I like to dip into the timeline and see what's happening, and maybe join in with some conversations. Sometimes I might follow someone as a result but often I won't - but it's still a resource I'm interested in.

@clinkingdog @meguey So you're essentially talking about growing an instance's federated timeline in a curated way, to help you and others on the instance find relevant content? Do I understand right?

@wlonk @meguey I may be wrong but I thought we were talking from a user's perspective rather than an instance's perspective. So I might want to browse the local (not federated) timeline of a hypothetical PbtA instance, but I would also want to do the same for dice.camp, and maybe others. I don't think there's a way currently to see both on the same page (let alone the same feed). But perhaps what you're describing could accomplish this? I'm not sure I understand how.

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