charismatic antagonists are much more interesting to deal with than just regular Evil Person, tbqh

@Miru One of my favorites was an evil NPC I ran who showed up to defend one of the PCs when said PC was being hunted; he was clearly in it for the challenge. He was absolutely loyal to the PCs, so they handed him all their captured dark artifacts. He eventually became emperor, and instructed the secret police to aid the party. He took good care of the commonfolk— he was only ruthless to the nobility...

@ossifog @Miru Enlightened evil is the most fun to run! He engaged in the ruthless pursuit of power, but recognized that he would consolidate power better if he was beloved by the masses.

@mithriltabby @Miru I love that. Turns out it's not very efficient to be a dick to everyone.

@ossifog @Miru The aggressively expansionist policies were to spread his enlightened rule and competent public policy administration!

@mithriltabby @ossifog
That's how I'm running my antagonist. Gives a ton to the community, has made it safer, etc... still doing some bad stuff in the background tho


@Miru @ossifog One of the emperor’s henchmen was a young dragon who was in charge of the treasury. And they noticed lots of gold was exiting circulation and being replaced by paper money, and the dragon’s social status among dragons was rising (which is an indicator of a growing hoard in that universe)...

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