I feel like a lot of (fantasy) tabletop world building has a flaw where the worlds that are created are an imagination of what medieval-ish society would be like with magic, but I think exploring how society would develop with magic from the start would be a lot more interesting. What technologies wouldn't have ever been developed? How might cities function differently? How would magic be passed down and to whom? 🤔​🤔​🤔​

I always integrate magic in super mundane ways if it's always been there in place of tech. I'm fond of things like enchanted bricks or stones built into the walls/floors/ceiling that function as lights. Little quality of life things I think

@Miru @BenGoldman And there ought to be so many other types of consumables— enchanted soaps, concrete additives. ANCIENT INVENTIONS is a great book for coming up with ideas: amazon.com/Ancient-Inventions-


@Miru @BenGoldman One retcon I came up with was that the “adamantium” in +5 weapons is steel that gets its carbon from powdered diamond— with some of the magical qualities of diamond being conferred on the steel.

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