I'm glad there's a good concensus on humans / humanoids with moral gray issues involved, I'm into that

But consider!!!
Intelligent undead with those same motivations :thinkhappy:


@Miru I have entirely too much fun with intelligent undead. One location I had was a necropolis inhabited mostly by intelligent undead; if you had a criminal so nasty that they were likely to get promoted in the afterlife, you could bring them there and a lich would bind their soul into a zombie in the mortal world, and they would become a servant in the necropolis. It was the only place to find people with knowledge of some obscure parts of history.

@Miru The conspiracy of vampires that were essentially one-upping the Grandmother Effect <en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandmot was fun, too. Once they figured out that the only people taking permanent harm were the ones doing harm to society, the party left them alone.

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